Vernissage 3-4/11

Vernissage: Området

av Judit Weegar & Fredrik Odenius

När? 3/11 – 4/11
3/11 kl 13.00-20.00
4/11 kl 11.00-17.00

The boundary between reality and fiction is diffuse. They are not sharply divided from one another but connected by transitions. In the project ”Området” we have worked with an existing, secluded place, constructed with highly specific functions and spaces. In our project this place has served as a hyper-model of the city, an elevated excision of a contemporary society at large. Inspired by methods in fictional writing and film, we have explored how different kinds of seeing translates to description, how to formulate what we experience with limited or alternative tools, and how, by using these tools, we can question what is construed as reliable and what is seen as fiction.

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